Beef Processing

Please review our processing details and fees below. Please call 641-942-6231 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to place your order.

Customers will be notified when their order is complete. Processed orders need to be picked up promptly to avoid storage fees. Storage fees will be assessed daily after 10 days of being notified. Fees are $5.00 per tray per day. Customers picking up processed orders must bring their own containers to transport their processed meat home. Meat will be frozen. Coolers, boxes, or totes will work.

Abandoned Product Policy: Product left beyond 60 days will be considered abandoned and becomes property of Milo Locker Meats.

Attention Farmers:

Cancellation Policy: If an animal is cancelled less than 14 days before the scheduled appointment time, it will be subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee per animal.

1/4 beef processing is limited to a standard cut. Below are the options on a 1/4 beef:

Roasts: Keep or Grind
Brisket: Keep or Grind (Can request to cut in 1/2)
Steaks: 1″ pkg for 2 or 4 (Can choose NYS & Filets instead of TBones)
Round: Choose 1 (Do not tenderize, tenderize, minute steaks, or grind)
Ribs: Keep or Grind
Soup Bones: Keep or Grind
Stew Meat: Example 5-1# pkgs or Grind
Ground Beef: 1# pkgs only (Specialty choices are not available on a 1/4)
Organs: Heart, Liver, & Tongue (Can choose any, we distribute them the best we can)

*We need to know size of roasts you would like (3# is average).

How thick you would like your steaks. |How many steaks per package

*How many pounds of Ground Beef per package. (1,1.5 or 2#)

Roasts _____# (Chuck, Arm, Seven Bone, Rump are the standards**)

Brisket:  Keep or Grind (Circle one) Thin wide Roast off of the chest

Steaks: ___” Thick (If you have a 1/4 beef it has to be the standard thickness (3/4″-1″ Thick) and ____per package    T-bone, Rib-eye (large carcasses) or Rib/Club Steak (small carcasses), and Sirloin, Sirloin Tip are the standards. **

Round: Tenderize Steak, Un-Tenderized Steak, Minute Steak or Grind. **     (Circle One)

Short Ribs: Keep or Grind (Circle One) | Soup Bones: Keep or Discard (Circle One)

Stew Meat:  Grind or  _____ – ____# Packages(example 5-1#packages)

Ground Beef: in ____#packages or ____# Patties ____per pkg

Note: Minimum Order of 50 pounds, Patties are square and come in about 1/3rd pound size.

Heart:  Keep or Discard (Circle One) | Liver: Keep or Discard (Circle One)

Tongue:  Keep or Discard (Circle One)

**Special Requests include but are not limited to the following:

Chuck Steaks instead of roasts. Arm Steaks instead of roasts. (Roast)

NY Strip & Fillets instead of T-Bone. (Steak) | Round Roasts instead of steaks. (Round)

Payment Information

4% Convenience Fee for credit and debit cards

We accept Mastercard Visa Discover and American Express

We accept local checks under $500