Deer Processing

We are excited for the 2020  deer season! There are a few changes this year. Please read below for more information about full carcass deer, drop off cooler, and boned out deer. We hope that you have a safe and successful hunt!


  • We cannot accept Deer that have been tested for CWD – If you provided the DNR with a sample of your deer for testing you need to bone out your deer and put it in your freezer until you have received your test results. If negative you are good – if positive you need to destroy your meat.

  • We MOVED into our new building across the street!

  • We will participate in the HUSH program! We are passionate about this program and love being a part of helping FEED our communities. The DNR provides the packaging, paperwork and funds to the processing plant to cover costs. We thank the many, many deer customers over the years that have donated to this program and hope you will use the program again.

  • Full carcass deer or completely boned out deer will be accepted. NO quartered deer or partially boned out deer.

Customers will be notified when their order is complete. Processed orders need to be picked up promptly to avoid storage fees. Customers picking up processed orders must bring their own containers to transport their processed meat home. Meat will be frozen. Coolers, boxes, or totes will work.

Deer Processing

Full Carcass Deer
DROPPING OFF FULL CARCASS DEER DURING BUSINESS HOURS: Park on the West side of our building and enter in the Northwest entry door by the alley. We will take your order, deposit and give you a special tag that will follow your deer through our Locker – we will then direct you to drive around to drop off your deer.
    • $90 payment down required and due at check in.
    • The payment down covers getting your deer skinned, boned out, and ground. This payment would also cover straight deer cuts of roasts, steaks, tenders, whole loins or butterfly chops and straight ground deer if you choose these selections.
    • Specialty items such as sticks or summer sausage cost extra. Cost for specialty items will be due at the time of pick up.
    • We accept field dressed full carcass deer with the hide left on.
    • Deer need to be tagged properly. The wider tag is the transportation tag and would be attached to the head. The thin tag needs to be attached to the leg of the deer.
    • Do NOT hindquarter leg tendons. Cutting the tendons will result in a $100.00 extra charge. (We cannot hang the deer if those are cut.)


24 Hour Full Carcass Deer Drop Cooler      

  • DEER DROP-OFF COOLER: We are super excited to offer you an even bigger Deer Cooler this year and a sink to wash up in – this is available 24/7 for the hunter’s convenience for FULL CARCASS, FIELD DRESSED DEER ONLY – anything else will be discarded (boned out meat, quartered meat, etc) This cooler is located in the alley of our building at 223 Main Street in Milo with a Yellow and Black sign to identify it. After dropping off your properly tagged, full carcass deer you will call 641-942-6231 the next morning, by 10 AM to give us your deposit and order – if we do not hear from you by 10 AM your deer will be donated to the HUSH program.
  • Deer must be tagged properly and called in before drop off. The wider part of the tag is a transportation tag and needs to be attached to the head on a buck. The thinner tag needs to be placed on the leg.
  • If you would like the head, skull cap (antlers), or a cape, a LARGE note has to be attached to the deer. Heads, antlers, and capes must be picked up the following business day by closing time. If you choose to remove the head before dropping it off double check that you have the thin tag on the leg!
Boned Out Deer
  • Any boneless deer trim from the 2020-2021 season must be received at the Locker by February 27th.
  • Boned Out Meat is just for making specialty products and ground meat. We do not process straight cuts from boned out deer. You must bring in a a full carcass to get straight cuts back.
  • MUST be brought in a food grade container or bag. NO GARBAGE BAGS! We have food grade bags available to purchase. We have a 1 gallon bag for .15 cents and a 3 gallon bag for .45 cents.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any trim not handled properly. Treating your deer with care will yield a high quality product.We do commingle our deer and we want to keep our reputation of making quality meats, therefore we will reject meat if not in good condition.
  • Instructions and payment are due at time of check in. Payment of half of the overall total is due at the time of drop off
  • There is a 10# minimum order per selection.
    • Example: regular sticks and cheddar sticks are two different choices. You would need to use 10# of deer to make regular sticks and an additional 10# of deer to make cheddar sticks.)
  • We do not accept ground deer
    • Jerky meat requires whole boneless loins or whole boneless hind roasts. These cuts need to be in a separate clear food grade bag. We will weigh them separately from your other boned out pieces.